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Briggs Bomba

Conference reports Briggs Bomba 1 February 2023

The world at a turning point. Will philanthropy rise to the task of the moment?

The world today stands on the edge of a precipice – faced with a confluence of severe crises including deepening poverty and inequality, a looming ecological disaster, heightened risk of nuclear warfare, recurring natural disasters …

Analysis Briggs Bomba and Trust Africa 1 June 2015

Plugging the leaking bucket of illicit financial flows in Africa

While millions of philanthropic dollars pour into Africa annually, billions of dollars in illicit financial flows (IFFs) leak out of the continent, mostly back to the global north. It’s like trying to fill a leaking …

Special feature Briggs Bomba 1 March 2011

Zimbabwe Alliance – Seizing the moment

Following a decade of economic collapse and political stalemate, the formation of the unity government in Zimbabwe in February 2009 offered an opportunity to rebuild a civil society sector decimated by years of political and …