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Cristiana Peruzzo

Opinion Cristiana Peruzzo 16 January 2013

What’s in a corporate foundation name? An Indian perspective

The topic of what name to give to a corporate foundation has great relevance in an Indian context since creating trusts and foundations still remains the favourite route to CSR practised by Indian companies. According …

Opinion Cristiana Peruzzo 2 March 2012

CSR vs philanthropy in India

2012 is set to bring major changes to corporate philanthropy in India. After more than five decades, the Companies Act is being updated to bring not only much-needed reforms in the area of governance, transparency …

Letter Cristiana Peruzzo 1 March 2012

Foundation accountability in India

I would like to congratulate Jacob Harold for his interesting suggestions in his article ‘Gorillas in the midst: foundation accountability in a networked age’ in the December issue of Alliance and for highlighting how ‘a …