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Dennis van Wanrooij

Conference reports 2 Dennis van Wanrooij 7 December 2019

Reinventing the HIV Organising: Lessons from ICASA 2019

From 2-7 December 2019, the largest regional HIV conference took place in Kigali, Rwanda. The country that once witnessed the genocide of the Tutsi minority and civil war from the early to mid-90s opened its …

Conference reports Dennis van Wanrooij 18 July 2019

Healing is the work

Religious conservatism, closing spaces for civil society, the global gag rule and pushbacks against ‘gender ideology’. These are some – but certainly not all – of the barriers experienced by LGBTI people and sex workers …

Conference reports Dennis van Wanrooij 10 May 2017

Funders need to let go

The 2017 EDGE Funders Alliance annual conference was my first funder conference; we never forget the first time! I came into the space as a participatory grantmaker with no idea how popular our work was. …