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Fernando Rossetti

Analysis Fernando Rossetti 11 July 2018

Brazil, philanthropy and inequality

A foundation leader once approached me proposing that we invite Bill Gates to launch the Giving Pledge in Brazil. I told him that the Pledge implied the donation of the majority of a person’s or couple’s wealth, …

Special feature Fernando Rossetti 1 June 2013

The view from Brazil

The many similarities between Brazilian and Indian philanthropy underline that wherever there is accelerated economic growth, there is also a wealth of new philanthropic initiatives. But one cannot view them through the lens of other, …

Special feature Fernando Rossetti 1 March 2013

Brazilian Philanthropy Forum: Brazil enters the global philanthropy industry

The wealth produced by Brazil’s emerging economy has led to what could be called a ‘philanthropy boom’ in the country – first corporate driven, now involving a rapidly growing number of individuals and families. Altogether, …

Letter Fernando Rossetti 1 December 2008

What about the media?

Although it is true that foundations – like any other human institution – need watchdogs to assure good governance, civil society organizations might not always be the best choice to perform this role. As Rick …