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Fran Perrin

Opinion 2 Fran Perrin 27 November 2017

Let’s ask more of grantmaking and not settle for the status quo

Questions can change the world. Space travel, stem cell engineering, the internet and all of man’s great scientific breakthroughs since the wheel started from challenging the status quo and asking ‘what if?’ Questions are powerful …

Letter Fran Perrin 1 December 2014

A pragmatic approach to transparency

‘Transparency for funders is a helpful idea, but it’s not a panacea. If private foundations and grantmakers think it is, then their attempts to bring a measure of sunlight to a sector shrouded in mist …

Opinion Fran Perrin 1 March 2014

Foundation transparency: why it matters

A huge amount of work has gone into making international aid flows more open, resulting in the International Aid Transparency Initiative. The work was led by the UK, yet domestic grants made by UK foundations …