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Conference reports Geoff Mulgan 2 February 2021

Fixing the plumbing: from shared data to shared imagination

This is a fascinating time for philanthropy, with so many very intense short-term pressures. But there is also a hunger to address long term challenges, which are not so hard to see: dealing with social …

News Geoff Mulgan 1 September 2010

Social innovation takes off in Europe

‘Social innovation’ is sometimes used as a new label for CSR or social entrepreneurship. But in much of the world a distinctive new field is taking shape that cuts across the different sectors. One of …

News Geoff Mulgan 1 September 2009

Mapping social innovation

People turning backyards into organic farms; architects transforming waste materials into new homes; government innovation funds supporting novel ways of managing chronic disease; communities buying wind farms or football clubs; citizens forming ‘complaints choirs’ to …

News Geoff Mulgan 1 December 2007 For Subscribers

Growing social innovations – finding the key

Why do some innovations, like village-level microcredit, distance learning or street papers sold by the homeless, spread while others languish? In spite of much interest and considerable debate about how to scale up promising innovations, …