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Julian Poulter

Letter Julian Poulter 6 September 2016

Engagement needs more time to prove itself

In the June issue of Alliance, Ellen Dorsey, Sian Ferguson and Clara Vondrich made the case for divestment of assets from fossil fuel companies on ethical, financial and fiduciary grounds. Mark O’Kelly disagreed, arguing that …

Opinion Julian Poulter 25 July 2013

Dealing with high carbon assets: time for foundations to up their game?

Under almost any climate mitigation scenario, investors in high carbon assets will one day awake to find that their portfolio has been hit by a rapid repricing in carbon liabilities. The only issue is when. …

Opinion Julian Poulter 1 June 2013

Worried about climate change? Fix the financial system first

The world’s large foundations have become a major source of capital for programmes addressing the world’s biggest social and environmental problems, including climate change. But the work of the philanthropic community to help address climate …