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Kate Sayer

Opinion Kate Sayer 15 June 2016

Questions trustees should ask about finances

Understanding the business model(s) Many medium-sized and large charities are charitable businesses so they have a business model – although the complication might be that they have two or three business models. So you need …

Opinion Kate Sayer 7 March 2016

Lessons for trustees from public investigations

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) recently published two reports on charities – one on the fundraising scandals and one on Kids Company. For well-run boards, there may be nothing new, but here …

Opinion Kate Sayer 9 December 2015

Stress-testing your charity – a guide for trustees

Charity trustees carry a lot of responsibility – they are ultimately responsible for everything the charity does. This can seem daunting when you are acting in a non-executive capacity. So as a trustee, how do …