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Special feature Martin Brookes 1 June 2014

Should there be limits to the realm of markets?

My financial adviser rang me last week to offer me the chance to invest in a new bond issued by the British children’s charity Barnardo’s. The charity is raising money to fund its work helping …

Opinion Martin Brookes 1 September 2011

Putting philanthropy on the front page

‘Making philanthropy mainstream’ is one way I am often tempted to answer the question of what New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) is trying to achieve. I usually resist this temptation because it begs so many questions. …

News Martin Brookes 28 September 2010 For Subscribers

Can you, and should you, encourage better giving?

I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to be honest. How many of you feel a little bit annoyed when you hear that a widow has left her entire inheritance to …

News Martin Brookes 22 July 2010 For Subscribers

1 per cent is not enough

Last month in the United States, Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates launched their ‘giving pledge’ calling on every US billionaire, and essentially every billionaire around the globe, to pledge to give 50 per …