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Martin Modlinger

Conference reports Martin Modlinger 19 February 2021

PEXforum 2021: From Reflection to Renewal

Yes, the PEXforum 2021 was a wonderful, personal and successful conference that built on the previous conference in Madrid, included many new voices, and set a path for the future with deep discussions and concrete …

Letter Martin Modlinger 1 September 2020

Funders have to adapt to movements, not the other way round

I keep wondering why especially larger funders are bent on creating movements, but are then baffled when movements actually emerge, often even without – or despite – larger funder engagement. Maybe many larger funders simply …

Conference reports Martin Modlinger 15 April 2019

A space for change: EDGE annual conference 2019

Change sometimes comes in familiar terms. When at the EDGE conference 2019 in Brazil, the discussion came to accountability and reporting, on progress towards goals and on useful indicators, this was not at all surprising …