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Analysis Matthew Bishop 31 August 2021 For Subscribers

Still seeking good billionaires

The idea of philanthrocapitalism has made greater progress than its application, but it can still live up to its promise In early 2006, I wrote a special report for The Economist, called ‘The Business of …

Special feature Matthew Bishop 1 June 2013

Tomorrow’s economy: a philanthrocapitalist’s guide

‘I never make predictions, especially about the future,’ joked Yogi Berra, baseball star and legendary American wit. When it comes to predicting trends in philanthropy, his advice is particularly apt, since it requires forecasting both …

Special feature Matthew Bishop 1 September 2009

Saying something different

‘Same old, same old’ – this was the phrase I could not get out of my head at this year’s Skoll World Forum at Oxford in March. The attendees at what Jeff Skoll calls the …

Special feature Matthew Bishop 1 September 2008

Philanthrocapitalism goes global

When I coined the term ‘philanthrocapitalism’ in 2006 in an extended essay for The Economist, I had no idea that it would spark such debate. It is often caricatured as no more than an interest …

Special feature Matthew Bishop 1 March 2007

What is philanthrocapitalism?

What is philanthrocapitalism? There are a couple of definitions. First, a micro-level definition: it is a new way of doing philanthropy, which mirrors the way that business is done in the for-profit capitalist world. Entrepreneurs …

Special feature Matthew Bishop 1 March 2007

Needed: healthy competition in the global philanthropy market

As the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci told his fellow revolutionaries, to understand capitalism you need to look at its most advanced form, which in his time was the America of Henry Ford. This edition of …