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Maureen Stapleton

Opinion Maureen Stapleton 1 December 2009

Investors’ Perspectives – Taking risks

Is taking a risk with an impact investment different from taking a risk with a traditional investment? At Bank underground station, in the heart of London’s financial district, there are several billboards advertising a variety …

Opinion Maureen Stapleton 1 September 2009

Investors’ Perspectives – Making sustainable investing work

Social investing. Ethical investments. Sustainable and responsible investing (SRI). These are a variety of terms in the current financial landscape that all mean similar things: investors who are looking for more meaningful investments. But is …

Opinion Maureen Stapleton 1 June 2009

Investors’ perspectives – A time for community bonds

At a time when social investments and philanthropy are trying to find their way amid the global recession, one financial instrument available combines the two: community bonds. Community bonds allow people to support a charitable …

Opinion Maureen Stapleton 1 March 2009

Investors’ perspectives – Bringing confidence to social investments

Stock markets worldwide continue to be in turmoil, so it is premature to start talking about any lessons learned during the financial crisis of the past year. Certainly, a more active regulatory presence might have …

Opinion Maureen Stapleton 1 December 2008

Investors’ perspectives: New opportunities for social investing

The precipitous fall in markets worldwide and fears of a global recession have created the most challenging economic situation in a generation. But as investors look closely at their portfolios, social investments can fill a …