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Opinion 1 Michael Liffman 16 March 2019

The Liffman Provocations: What would da Vinci do?

The last two of my posts have sought to explore both sides of the heart vs head challenge in giving, firstly by arguing for the power of the very objective, analytic approach taken by the effective …

Opinion Michael Liffman 21 January 2019

The Liffman provocations: The chocolate philanthropist

During my recent trip to Europe, I was lucky enough to visit the Museum Ludwig, a splendid and vast Modern Art Gallery in Cologne, Germany. I had not been aware of it and was quite …

Special feature Michael Liffman 4 December 2018

Royal philanthropy in a republican climate – a view from Australia

There is limited enthusiasm for royal involvement in Australian philanthropy, reflecting a general – though not unambiguous – current of republicanism   There are two primary modes in which Australia’s royal attachment through the British …

Letter Michael Liffman 30 May 2017

Welcoming the evolution of philanthropy studies

In an article in Alliance in September 2014 I lamented the paucity of courses on philanthropy at universities worldwide. How pleasing, therefore, to see a whole issue devoted to the recent growth in this field. …

Special feature Michael Liffman 1 September 2014

A degree in grantmaking? It’s a no-brainer

Some time ago I did the maths and figured out how many tens of millions of dollars I had given away to good causes over the preceding years. Of course, it was not my money, …

Analysis Michael Liffman 1 June 2006

Effective giving for all?

For those of us who seek to take grantmaking from charity to social investment, there has been some good news recently. Particularly heartening was the splendid and comprehensive supplement to the recent edition of The …