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Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan

Analysis Lori Villarosa, Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan, Tynesha McHarris and Fernanda Lopes 24 May 2022 For Subscribers

Two years after 2020’s global movement for racial justice, where are we now?

‘The story of philanthropy since the global protests for racial justice in the summer of 2020 should be understood in the context of the prior decade, if not the past 20 years’, said Lori Villarosa, …

Special feature Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan 2 June 2020 For Subscribers

The quality of the relationship

Philanthropy can be an effective ally for social movements if the two can develop relationships based on trust I was born and raised in The Gambia, which for 22 years was ruled by the world’s …