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Nnimmo Bassey

Special feature Nnimmo Bassey and Terry Odendahl 7 June 2016

Climate justice: the spectre at the Paris feast

Michael Donoghue writes in this issue that Pacific Islanders are responsible for only a tiny fraction of GHG emissions, yet they are suffering the worst effects of global warming. This unjust situation should be at …

Special feature Nnimmo Bassey, Terry Odendahl and Michael Northrop 7 June 2016

Paris: a stop on the journey, not its end

We hope that readers of the essays in this issue see renewed commitment, hope and determination about philanthropy and civil society’s role in addressing the profound threat that we face. While each of us brought …

Opinion Nnimmo Bassey 1 June 2007

AGRA – a blunt philanthropic arrow

It is a common saying that when a man has a hammer in his hand every problem appears to be a nail. It takes a wise man to know that a hammer is just one …