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Oksana Oracheva

Analysis Oksana Oracheva and Barry Knight 5 December 2017

Does philanthropy need a new story? 

A quiet revolution is under way in philanthropy. There is growth in unexpected places, a proliferation of new organizational forms, increased scepticism about the Anglo-American model, and a fine balance between large opportunities and unprecedented threats. These trends point in …

Letter Oksana Oracheva 1 June 2015

Getting round the measurement dilemma

As part of the special feature ‘Why should philanthropists fund the arts?’ in the March issue of Alliance, Michelle Coffey in her feature Weighing the imagination? and Barry Knight in his article Is access to art …

Special feature Oksana Oracheva 1 September 2014

Financial and non-financial: striking a balance

How do we find and keep the right people? How do we meet their expectations and provide opportunities for further development? What is the right balance between financial incentives and inspiration for work aiming at …