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Paul Ramsbottom

Book review Paul Ramsbottom 4 September 2018

‘A Better World is Possible: The Gatsby Charitable Foundation and social progress’ by Georgina Ferry

Reviewed by Paul Ramsbottom It remains relatively rare for histories of foundations to be written. This is a shame. When (as with this book) they are well told, they tend to be colourful stories that …

Opinion Paul Ramsbottom 30 May 2017

Foundations should be more transparent but payouts are not the answer

The issue of mandatory payout for UK foundations is re-emerging as a hot topic of debate. The suggestion of enforcing a blanket minimum payout (generally drawing from North American models and arbitrarily taking 5 per …

Special feature Paul Ramsbottom 7 March 2017

Why history matters to philanthropy practitioners  

Like all social phenomena, philanthropy cannot be fully understood without some degree of historical context. Few would disagree with that statement – particularly in an organization that since 1972 has run the UK’s foremost prize …