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Prachi Patankar

Opinion Prachi Patankar and Phoebe De Padua 4 June 2024

Language justice: an invitation to get out of our comfort zones and build together

‘Language justice’ is a concept that holds that people have a right to express themselves in the language they choose and in which they feel most powerfully and authentically themselves. The concept also recognizes that …

Opinion Prachi Patankar and Phoebe De Padua 25 March 2024

Bringing a language justice mindset to our work

Practicing ‘language justice’ in our grantmaking is one way that funders can be more inclusive and address power relations in our work with partners. In an earlier article, we discussed why FJS believes that language …

Opinion Prachi Patankar and Phoebe De Padua 5 February 2024

The importance of ‘language justice’ in social justice movements 

‘As an Indigenous and ethnic minority woman, I dream, I laugh, I experience my true self in my own language. I need to be able to express myself in my own language in multilingual spaces,’ …

Opinion Prachi Patankar and Juliana Vélez Uribe 9 October 2023

Time for funders to step up and resource Indigenous communities

Vibrant Indigenous-led movements offer solutions to many of the world’s most pressing problems, yet these movements remain dramatically underfunded. Indigenous communities represent some 6.2 percent of the world’s population, but they receive less than one …

Opinion 7 Prachi Patankar 5 December 2021

It’s time for funders to debrahminise philanthropy

Over the last decade, philanthropic institutions have been forced to shift in important ways towards achieving racial and economic justice. Credit goes to movements like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, led by youth, …