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Rick Cohen

News Rick Cohen 1 December 2011

Not so much the money as the camel’s nose in the tent

President Obama has four times floated the idea of capping the deductibility of charitable gifts – and other itemized tax deductions such as home mortgage interest payments and state and local taxes – for high-income …

Letter Rick Cohen 1 March 2009

Trade associations are … just that

As Mr Gunderson notes in his comments on my ‘Watchdog or lapdog?’ article in the September issue of Alliance, the call for foundation accountability is ‘hardly new’. Nor is the limited progress the foundation sector …

Analysis Rick Cohen 1 September 2008

Watchdog or lapdog?

Like any other sector of society, a healthy philanthropic sector needs the scrutiny of external watchdog organizations as well as appropriate governmental regulation and oversight. But ensuring that the watchdog does not turn into a …

Special feature Rick Cohen 1 March 2002

The US non-profit sector in the wake of September 11

Following the unprecedented outpouring of charitable giving by the American people in response to the September 11 disaster, a critical spotlight has now turned on the charities that were the main beneficiaries of this generosity. …