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Sumitra Mishra

Opinion Sumitra Mishra and Chandrika Sahai 4 January 2018

Transparency and philanthropy – an oxymoron in India? Not anymore.

India has traditionally been a philanthropic culture with giving ingrained in all of its major religions, a part of everyday life. However, both formal and informal giving in India have mainly been private matters, the …

Special feature 1 Sumitra Mishra and Angela Seay 5 September 2017

Nothing about us without us – philanthropy’s diversity challenge

This issue of Alliance investigates philanthropy’s diversity predicament. How can philanthropy do the most good if it doesn’t reflect the society it seeks to serve? Our guest editors, Sumitra Mishra and Angela Seay, ask some hard …

Special feature Sumitra Mishra 7 March 2017

Don’t neglect empathy in the pursuit of analysis  

If philanthropy education is at an embryonic stage in Europe, the concept is not yet seeded in India. That does not imply that philanthropy is not growing. It is. It is being driven by philanthropists, …