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Valia Fragkou

Conference reports Valia Fragkou 31 May 2016

EFC AGA 2016: Museum accessibility

How can a monothematic museum be successful? How can it attract 2 million visitors a year? During our visit at the Van Gogh Museum we were exposed to a plethora of ways. It is not …

Conference reports Valia Fragkou 28 May 2016

EFC AGA 2016: Foundation innovation plenary – The power of letting go

We are all control freaks who need to paint their offices green on Monday morning! A humoristic finding that was drawn from a series of questions the participants were answering with eyes shut during the …

Conference reports Valia Fragkou 27 May 2016

EFC AGA 2016: Opening plenary

Given the topic of the refugee crisis, everyone was expecting a somewhat emotional Opening Plenary, but no one could predict that the heart and mind could both be touched simultaneously. Ms. Doucet (Chief International Correspondent, …