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Donor education

Are Donor Education Workshops Right for you?

2 Nicolas Makharashvili 3 January 2014

Today, more than ever before, individual philanthropists are aiming to incubate innovative solutions to social problems and pioneering diverse approaches to charitable giving by bringing to scale demonstration projects that show how to put every …

Emerging Societies, Emerging Philanthropies International Forum: Starting dialogue about donor education

Maria Chertok and CAF Russia 9 July 2013

Emerging philanthropic cultures face many challenges – among them lack of tradition, inadequate legal and fiscal environment – and at the same time have lots of opportunities. Growing local high net worth donors is an …

Explaining strategic philanthropy – maybe Domore can help?

Michael Alberg-Seberich 9 October 2012

Today I would like to introduce you to a special donor. His name is Domore. Domore grows up in a family that is concerned about world affairs and how each individual can contribute to making …

Better than we thought?

Andrew Watt 21 September 2012

Have you seen the new study from research firm Grey Matter about how Americans perceive charity overhead costs? Participants were asked what level of overhead costs should be considered ‘reasonable’ and then how much they …

Off the beaten path – things to consider

1 Ellen Remmer and The Philanthropic Initiative 29 March 2012

Every donor takes a different strategic journey and, though many pass through similar stages, there are important factors that defy categorization by stage because they can be influential at so many different points in time. …