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Foreign funding

Why Restricting Foreign Funding of NGOs Is Wrongheaded

Danny Sriskandarajah 28 April 2014

There is a new weapon of choice for governments that want to undermine bits of civil society that irritate them: restricting funding from foreign sources. By making it more difficult for human rights organizations or …

Roles for foreign funding

Jenny Conrad 27 August 2013

Back at the Alliance Breakfast Club for the March 2013 issue of the magazine, the discussion of philanthropy in emerging market economies included comments on areas where there is still a role for foreign funding. …

Loosening of rules for foreign CSOs in China coming

Karla Simon 29 July 2013

A front-page headline in 19 July’s China Daily proclaims: ‘Foreign NGO registration rules eased.’ While something of an overstatement, it is nonetheless good news and the move is to be applauded.  At the current time only foreign foundations …

Looking to the new generation for the future of Russian philanthropy

1 Polina Philippova 28 January 2013

It seems that it has recently become a rule in Russia that any piece of news is bad news. Indeed, just about all the political developments in the second half of the last year and …

USAID: thank you and goodbye!

1 Maria Chertok and CAF Russia 28 September 2012

I recently made a decision not to write about Russian politics in my next piece for this blog. Alas, I can’t keep this promise as our government once again decided to get engaged in agenda-setting …

Russian NGOs and civil society: under influence?

Maria Chertok and CAF Russia 24 May 2012

‘There is a war against Russia. It is an announced information war which involves hundreds and thousands of people, agencies and organizations. Taking advantage of the imperfect and out-dated Russian legislation, multimillion dollar budgets come …