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Danny Sriskandarajah

Opinion Danny Sriskandarajah 23 February 2017

Against all odds: civil society under fire

Civil society is under fire—sometimes literally—in many countries and in all regions of the world. Governments are clamping down on fundamental civic freedoms. This year’s Global Risks Report highlights the threat to civic space, noting …

Special feature Danny Sriskandarajah 29 November 2016

Resourcing community philanthropy

The international development landscape is shifting rapidly. In many ways, we’re witnessing the end of the ‘development-industrial complex’ that has dominated the sector for the last two decades. The days of rich northern countries delivering …

Special feature Danny Sriskandarajah 1 December 2015

SDGs can be a tool in the accountability toolbox

Many of my civil society colleagues worry about a long list of potential problems with the Sustainable Development Goals – that there are too many goals and targets and governments will only work on the …

Opinion 1 Danny Sriskandarajah 7 October 2015

Missing rights and resources for civil society

Civil society groups and organisations are facing an unprecedented crackdown in a number of authoritarian and democratic countries. From Myanmar to Mexico, a viral wave of repressive policies and administrative controls is making it harder …

Opinion Danny Sriskandarajah 28 April 2014

Why Restricting Foreign Funding of NGOs Is Wrongheaded

There is a new weapon of choice for governments that want to undermine bits of civil society that irritate them: restricting funding from foreign sources. By making it more difficult for human rights organizations or …