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Gender funding

A COMACO conservationalist smiles amongst tall crops

Suzanne Biegel endowment fund makes first investments to tackle gender inequality and climate crisis

Samantha Anderson 11 December 2023

Heading for Change, the $3.5 million climate endowment set up by the late gender-smart investing pioneer Suzanne Biegel, has made its first five investments. Investees include AiiM, a woman of colour-owned climate technology fund with …

Semillas’ philosophy: Building a network for investing in social change

Antonia Orr 8 November 2013

Semillas (Sociedad Mexicana Pro Derechos de la Mujer), the only women’s fund in Mexico, has a defined and unique philosophy of philanthropy in Mexico, which is best displayed by our network of individual donors. This …

Turning the tide: new methods of cooperation (and philanthropy)

Carla López Cabrera 1 August 2013

During the 1980s the Central American region went through several armed conflicts. In the same period, social movements demanding justice became stronger. The contribution of women was key to the changes taking place in Central …

How women in rural India are adapting to a changing climate

Rucha Chitnis 21 June 2013

At a meeting with women farmers in the Sundarbans in West Bengal, India, they share how climate change is increasing women’s burden and responsibilities on farms and at home as men leave in search of …

Alliance magazine: Celebrating the impact of women’s rights movements over 30 years

Nicky McIntyre 19 June 2013

‘What kind of impact can you have by funding small organizations led by marginalized women, girls and trans people globally?’ As they celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, Mama Cash reflects on the achievements of …

Why environmental funders should support women’s rights

Terry Odendahl and Global Greengrants Fund 8 March 2013

Ask Global Greengrants Fund’s Executive Director Terry Odendahl what women’s rights have to do with the environment, and she’ll say, ‘Everything!’ A passionate advocate for women’s leadership, Terry has been at the helm of Global …

Bending the rules of philanthropy

Mariela Puga 8 October 2012

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from one of our young fundraisers saying ‘I am very frustrated… I think this donor wanted to support us, but now she cannot because the group …

Collaborating internationally to empower Indian women

Alison Bukhari and Dasra 31 July 2012

As a philanthropy advisor in the UK with a focus on India, I have had a difficult year listening to the growing opinion that we should scale back our philanthropic funding to a country with …

Funding for gender, women and girls: An AGA retrospective and launch of a new report by Mama Cash and Grantcraft

Filiz Bikmen 11 June 2012

Perhaps some of you may not have noticed, but there has been an important change underway at the AGAs. Since 2010, thanks to the leadership of Mama Cash and the support of other organizations and …