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Rucha Chitnis

Opinion Rucha Chitnis 4 September 2020

In Latin America, Indigenous peoples fight for collective rights in the face of Covid

‘If I become president, I will not give a centimetre more of indigenous lands’, said Jair Bolsonaro as a candidate on the campaign trail in Brazil. After resuming office as the president of Brazil in …

Opinion Rucha Chitnis 21 November 2017

Five insights for funders to amplify agroecology

‘Agroecology is the mainstream food system in West Africa. It is about working with nature, and this is the natural way people have lived for centuries’, shared Bern Guri, a Ghanaian sustainable agriculture advocate at …

Opinion Rucha Chitnis 9 October 2017

Goodbye crown meddling; hello Māori decolonizing development

One might mistake Otaki as a sleepy seaside town in the bucolic Kapiti Coast District of the North Island of New Zealand. That assumption would be wrong. Otaki is alive and kicking after nearly two …

Opinion Rucha Chitnis 21 June 2013

How women in rural India are adapting to a changing climate

At a meeting with women farmers in the Sundarbans in West Bengal, India, they share how climate change is increasing women’s burden and responsibilities on farms and at home as men leave in search of …