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Nicky McIntyre

Nicky McIntyre

Nicky McIntyre

‘What kind of impact can you have by funding small organizations led by marginalized women, girls and trans people globally?’

As they celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, Mama Cash reflects on the achievements of women’s rights movements over the last three decades and looks at what women’s rights organizations can do when given money and support.

In this free article written for Alliance magazine’s website, executive director Nicky McIntyre considers how change happens and where those with relatively small budgets can make the biggest contributions. The article looks at the gains made by women’s movements to reduce discrimination, promote equality, and increase women’s ability to champion their own rights, while also considering the importance of tracking tangible, measurable changes.

However, Mama Cash still firmly emphasises that more work needs to be done in this area.

“…even though women and girls are now firmly on funders’ agendas, a major achievement, this has not yet translated into meaningful and sustainable new funding for women’s rights groups themselves. In many corners, women’s rights organizations face declining support and a lack of public acknowledgement, and are struggling to get the message across that they have played a significant part in transforming the lives of women and girls…”  Read more >

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