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Reflections on feminist funding

Towards a new kind of funding partnership

Rosa Bransky 28 November 2020

In the wholly uncertain context of 2020, the funding landscape for many has been turned on its head, forcing us to reevaluate our objectives, our methods, our relationships and our structures. The pandemic, and related …

Lessons for successful feminist funding partnerships

Rosa Bransky 20 November 2020

While the Global Resilience Fund has been an experiment in rapidly resourcing feminist activists in responsive and participatory ways, it has also been an exercise in collaboration. The process of engaging a diverse group of …

Making the funding process accessible: Global Resilience Fund reflects

2 Rosa Bransky 11 November 2020

So often in philanthropic practice values of solidarity, reciprocity and power sharing are pitted against notions of efficiency and scale. The Global Resilience Fund is an example to the sector of what we have always …

Global Resilience Fund models inclusive partnerships, rapid responses

Rosa Bransky 31 October 2020

Part One: Taking a Collective Approach to Resourcing Responses to the Covid-19 Crisis Covid-19, like any other crisis, is exposing and exacerbating all of the existing systemic oppression and violence that positions girls and young …