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#NCFF17 – Simple yet powerful lessons

Sarah Matthee 24 October 2017

I’m always interested in the ‘vibe’ of conferences – the feeling in the room. I feel that it reflects the undercurrent of purpose and values that brings people together, guides the narrative, and sets the …

#NCFF17 – Exploring the Soul of Community Foundations

Jane Jose 24 October 2017

In Australia, the community foundation movement is both old and young depending on where you live. Melbourne’s funds have maturity and yet are still reinventing their focus and giving to meet the needs of communities …

Impressions from the 2017 National Community Foundations Forum

Natalie Egleton 23 October 2017

For three days in a warm October week in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia’s community foundations sector gathered to reflect, learn and engage on some of the country’s most pressing challenges. For me, this annual forum is …

#NCFF17 – From local to global

1 Catherine Brown 23 October 2017

Community philanthropy is by its nature focused on a local community, whether this is a city or a rural region.  Building financial, social and knowledge assets within a local community is the cornerstone of a …

‘Anchor yourself in the journey for the long term’ – the 2017 Australian National Community Foundation Forum

Ben Rodgers 23 October 2017

A year ago, it seemed like a great idea to co-host the Annual National Community Foundation Forum in Melbourne. The thought was, what a fabulous way to celebrate the anniversaries of Australian Communities Foundation and …

#NCFF17 – What is the role for community foundations in a world full of charities?

Hannah Fitch-Rabbitt 23 October 2017

After attending the Australian National Community Foundations Forum 2017 in Melbourne last week, I was left contemplating the unique role community foundations play in philanthropy. In a country where there are 54,835 charities registered with …