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Private foundations

Private foundations: what we can learn from the sector’s silent majority

Andrew Schulz 4 June 2014

When people think of private foundations, they often think of mega foundations with names like Ford, Kellogg, MacArthur or Rockefeller. These foundations have a few things in common besides name recognition: they each have endowments …

Highlighting the importance of private philanthropic foundations

Rachel Findlay 20 December 2012

It is widely recognized that this is a tough time for the charity sector. Public donations to charities have fallen by 20% in real terms in the past year, with £1.7 billion less being given. £81 …

Ending the year with fundamental questions about giving

Hilda Vega 22 December 2011

Many of us in philanthropy are looking to 2012 as a year of recovery, but a series of reports issued this past year have continued to raise questions about just what kind of a recovery …