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New Beginings fund awards £500,000 to refugee groups

Ayesha Saran and Alex Sutton 21 July 2016

In September 2015, a group of UK-based foundations and NGOs met at the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to discuss responses to the refugee crisis that was engulfing Europe. The images of Alan Kurdi’s lifeless body on …

As the refugee crisis bites, asylum charities face lower funding

NPC 22 June 2016

Refugee charities face a growing burden as asylum applications rise and public funding falls. Philanthropists can make a real difference, according to new analysis by think tank NPC. NPC’s new paper, Solutions for sanctuary, looks …

Serbian philanthropy’s solidarity with refugees

Ana Koeshall 2 June 2016

In the summer of 2015, first hundreds, then thousands, of refugee families started to appear in the parks around Belgrade’s bus and railway station. Though they moved on, they were replaced by others, sleeping in …

Being devout means being political: Churches become civil society through the refugee crisis

Sarah Albrecht and Rupert Strachwitz 1 June 2016

‘Wir schaffen das!’ – ‘We can do it!’ Chancellor Angela Merkel made this statement in the summer of 2015 – long before the peak in numbers of people seeking refuge in Germany was reached. The …

Alliance Breakfast Club – Refugees and migration: philanthropy responds

Holly Steell 25 April 2016

The latest Alliance breakfast club, held in association with the Barrow Cadbury Trust and sponsored by Smart Simple, addressed how philanthropy is responding to the refugees crisis and current migration. This theme was inspired by …