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social impact investment

The race is on – the growth of social impact investment around the world

Big Society Capital 1 July 2014

Could a global equivalent of an ‘arms race’ be forming as countries vie to build social impact investing markets? Eight countries have developed ambitious proposals for developing and deepening their social impact investment markets, spurred …

How to be a coffee bean: a conversation on social impact investment with East African philanthropists

Bathylle Missika 7 August 2013

‘My dad taught me that there are three kinds of people in this life: carrots, eggs and coffee beans. Carrots are orange flashy and hard, eggs are fragile and have to be held in one’s …

Eleos Foundation to spend down and use assets for impact investing: interview with John Duffy

Alliance magazine 20 October 2011

Created as the result of the sale of property in Santa Barbara, California, the Eleos Foundation was originally managed by an all-volunteer board making small grants to NGOs in emerging markets. Following a realization by …