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Bathylle Missika

Analysis Bathylle Missika and Laura Abadia 1 March 2022 For Subscribers

Putting power to good use

Philanthropy is an increasingly significant force in terms of figures for development funding, yet reluctance to make common cause and to measure and account for itself are reducing its effectiveness With $42.5 billion of philanthropic …

Opinion Bathylle Missika and Emilie Romon 30 May 2017

Under the same roof, but not (yet) in connubial bliss: philanthropy and global development

While policymakers and philanthropists both support sustainable development and social justice, prior to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they had been doing so on parallel tracks. Now the SDGs are part of philanthropy’s shared language. …

Opinion Bathylle Missika 10 January 2017

The three circles of philanthropy – Taking a tiered approach to achieving the SDGs

People around the world have little faith in the ability of just governments to deliver on the promise of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They know governments alone can’t promote sustainable development and prosperity for …

Conference reports Bathylle Missika 7 August 2013

How to be a coffee bean: a conversation on social impact investment with East African philanthropists

‘My dad taught me that there are three kinds of people in this life: carrots, eggs and coffee beans. Carrots are orange flashy and hard, eggs are fragile and have to be held in one’s …

Conference reports Bathylle Missika 27 May 2013

Where do foundations fit within the ‘Development Galaxy’?

Where do foundations fit within the ‘Development Galaxy’? This was the question addressed by Michael Green (co-author of Philanthrocapitalism: How giving can save the world) in his keynote speech to the April plenary meeting of …