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Transformation on the agenda

How to make your grantmaking diverse, equitable, and inclusive

Sarah Denselow 5 May 2023

Philanthropy has done much to tackle injustice and inequality, seeking to improve the lives of those affected by layers of structural disadvantage. However, philanthropy is by its nature unequal, with philanthropic giving often drawing from …

A self-assessment tool for foundations on participatory practices

Diana Samarasan and Katy Love 12 April 2023

With the fragile state of democracy, growing inequality, social movements calling for action, and demands to address systemic injustices, philanthropic institutions are increasingly exploring participatory grantmaking. It seems that the concept of participation – involving …

Funders, what are you communicating with your grant systems?

1 Mendi Njonjo 6 April 2023

Social justice movements consistently work, sometimes at great risk, to make this world a better place. Funding that promotes movement building is one of the best ways in which funders can advance social and environmental …

Getting global education back on track

Denis Mizne 7 March 2023

Collaboration across sectors has the power to transform philanthropy into a more valuable instrument for social welfare. This has never been more important than in the aftermath of Covid. The impact of Covid on education …

Why widespread philanthropic coordination is so elusive: Lessons from the sector

1 Melissa Stevens and Hilary McConnaughey 15 February 2023

Time and again, there are clarion calls within the philanthropic sector for more coordination among funders – but so far, no remedy has endured. When the Covid-19 pandemic upended our lives in early 2020, the …