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Sarah Denselow

Opinion Sarah Denselow 5 May 2023

How to make your grantmaking diverse, equitable, and inclusive

Philanthropy has done much to tackle injustice and inequality, seeking to improve the lives of those affected by layers of structural disadvantage. However, philanthropy is by its nature unequal, with philanthropic giving often drawing from …

Practical advice Sarah Denselow and Seth Reynolds 20 September 2021

Flexible funding is the right way forward – but we still need to measure impact

One of the healthiest shifts we’ve seen from this pandemic has been the rise of more flexible trust-based forms of grant-making. But this shift carries risks. How do we know if the money is making a difference? Having …

Opinion Sarah Denselow and NPC 28 October 2016

A vote for data sharing

With the US Presidential Election less than a fortnight away, public and media scrutiny of the two leading candidates is reaching new heights. Given the tone of the campaign, it’s no surprise that the contenders’ …