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Spotlight on governance

Gillian Murray 10 December 2012

Governance is an issue that comes up time and time again with both the charities and business members we bring together at Pilotlight. Working as we do with small charities, we see many struggling to …

Why you should get on board with trusteeship

Clare Yeowart 7 March 2012

If you were asked to name the top three ways of supporting charities, what would spring to mind? A few years ago, my answer would probably have been: 1) giving money; 2) volunteering; and 3) …

Boards of trustees – a blessing or a curse?

2 Polina Philippova 2 November 2011

Since the beginning of its work in Russia in 1993, CAF has been promoting internationally acknowledged practices, elements and principles in philanthropy and not-for-profit: equal access to funding, competitive distribution, transparency, etc. Many of them …

Is your charity board as effective as it could be?

NPC 14 July 2011

People often talk about being afraid of change. But the ability to change is, perhaps, one of the most striking characteristics of the charity sector. The most effective charities are those who find a balance …