Books in brief

Canadian Development Report 1999: Civil Society and Global Change
Renouf Publishing  C$35 (inc CD-ROM) C$15 CD-ROM
Community groups which were once concerned only with Canadian society are now being drawn into complex global issues, but what are they saying? Who are they talking to? Just how good a job are they doing?
To order, phone RP on +1 613 745 2665 or e-mail to 

NGOs and the Private Sector: Potential for partnerships?
by Simon Heap  INTRAC Occasional Paper Series Number 27 £7.95
Can NGOs and the private sector work effectively together? Phase One of this new research outlines and analyses the existing and newly emerging relationships between NGOs and companies.
To order, phone INTRAC on +44 1865 201 851 or e-mail to

America’s Nonprofit Sector: A primer (second edition)
by Lester Salamon  The Foundation Center  $14.95
A basic introduction to the American non-profit sector and to the American social welfare system more generally; fully revised and expanded.
To order, phone +1 800 424 9836

The Struggle for Accountability: The World Bank, NGOs and grassroots movements  ed Jonathan A Fox and L David Brown  MIT Press  £47.95 hardback, £23.95 paperback
To be reviewed in the next issue of Alliance.
To order, phone +44 171 306 0603 or e-mail to

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