Books in brief

Beyond Globalisation: Shaping a sustainable global economy
Hazel Henderson  New Economics Foundation/Kumarian Press  £7
A new economic manifesto: with the World Trade Organization forced into retreat and globalization momentarily checked, what should we build after Seattle?
To order, contact NEF.
Fax +44 20 7407 6473

Evaluating Development Aid – Issues, problems and solutions
Basil Edward Cracknell  Sage  £14.99
How can aid evaluators reconcile the requirements of accountability and objectivity with newer participatory approaches? This is one of the key themes of this review of techniques for development aid evaluation.
To order, contact Sage Publications.
Tel +44 20 7330 1234 
Fax +44 20 7374 8741

Partnership Alchemy: New social partnerships in Europe
Jane Nelson and Simon Zadek Copenhagen Centre Free online
Describes one of the most important trends emerging throughout Europe: the development of new social partnerships between governments, business and civil society. 
Available at

Poverty Report 2000 – Overcoming human poverty
UNDP  $15
Examines how well developing countries, donor countries and UNDP itself are doing in terms of meeting commitments made at the 1995 World Summit for Social Development.
To order, contact UN Publications.
Tel +1 212 963 8302 
Fax +1 212 963 3489

The New Force: An introductory guide to building civil society organizations
Mihan Foundation  Free online
A useful introductory tool for building civil society organizations anywhere, especially in developing countries. Produced by citizens of Iran who, living in an era of democratic changes, have a unique opportunity to strengthen civil society.
Available at

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Books in brief

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