Books in brief

Impact Assessment for Development Agencies: Learning to value change
Chris Roche Oxfam Publishing £9.95/$15.95

Considers the process of impact assessment and shows how and why it needs to be
integrated into all stages of development programmes from planning to evaluation. In-depth case studies show a variety of approaches – qualitative, quantitative and participatory.
To order (UK), contact Oxfam Publishing.
Tel +44 1865 311 311
Fax +44 1865 313 925

US: contact Stylus Publishing
Tel +1 703 661 1581
Fax +1 703 661 1547

The Reality of Aid 2000
Earthscan  £14.95

Looks at how OECD donor countries are matching up to the challenge of eliminating absolute poverty. Conclusion: that attempts to combat poverty are constantly undermined by governments, both North and South, which fail to address the income inequalities and structural injustices that entrench people in poverty.
To order, contact Earthscan.
Tel +44 1903 828 800
Fax +44 20 7837 6348

The New Force: An introductory guide to building civil society organizations
Mihan Foundation  Free online
A useful introductory tool for building civil society organizations anywhere, especially in developing countries. Produced by citizens of Iran who, living in an era of democratic changes, have a unique opportunity to strengthen civil society
Available at

Partnership Alchemy: New social partnerships in Europe
Jane Nelson and Simon Zadek Copenhagen Centre Free online
Describes one of the most important trends emerging throughout Europe: the development of new social partnerships between governments, business and civil society. 
Available at

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