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Grantmaking Basics:  Field guide for funders (new edition)
Barbara D Kibbe, Fred Setterberg and Colburn S Wilbur Council on Foundations
$35 (members); $55 (non-members)

Updated version of the classic guide, containing information about the grantmaking process and covering issues such as pre-grant assessment, eligibility requirements, application procedures, proposal evaluation and financial analysis.
To order, contact Council on Foundations.
Tel +1 202 466 6512
Fax +1 202 785 3926

Stakeholders: Government-NGO partnerships for international development
edited by Henny Helmich and Ian Smillie Earthscan £25
Studies the changing relationships between and responsibilities of NGOs and governments in OECD countries, pointing to an overemphasis on evaluation by NGOs and growing competition between NGOs for government funds.
To order, contact Earthscan.
Tel +44 1903 828 800
Fax +44 20 7278 1142

Think Tanks and Civil Societies: Catalysts for ideas and action
edited by James G McGann and R Kent Weaver Transaction Publishers $59.95/£49.95
Study of public policy research organizations and the role they play in the policy formulation process and in civil societies around the world, analysing the growth, scope and constraints of think tanks and providing institutional profiles from around the world
To order, contact Transaction Publishers.
UK, Europe, Middle East, India and Africa:
Tel +44 20 7240 0856
Fax +44 20 7379 0609

USA and rest of world:
Tel +1 732 445 1245
Fax +1 732 748 9801

Cross-Border Philanthropy
edited by Helmut K Anheier and Regina List  CAF  £15

An exploratory study of international giving in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Japan. Includes individual donations, corporate gifts and major governmental transfers.
To order, contact Penny Stovell at CAF on +44 1732 520 125 or at

Liberalisation and Poverty: Is there a virtuous circle?
Consumer Unity & Trust Society Suggested contribution $25
Argues that trade and investment liberalization will reduce poverty by creating more jobs and increasing earnings (but that the reallocation of resources across sectors will at the same time cause jobs and income in some sectors to decline).
To order, contact CUTT.
Tel +91 141 20 2940/5802 
Fax +91 141 20 2968
A summary of the report is available at

Ethical Trade Futures
Simon Zadek New Economics Foundation £7

Considers the political and strategic challenges of achieving corporate accountability in a globalizing world, asking where current trends in the ethical trade movement are taking us and what the long-term strategic implications of the work we are engaged in are.
To order, contact NEF.
Tel +44 207 407 7447
Fax +44 207 407 6473

The New Alchemists
Charles Handy Hutchinson £16.99
Studies a group of individuals, called the New Alchemists, whose new ideas, products, initiatives and designs are helping to drive the world forward, attempting to identify the common causes of their creative abilities
To order, phone Hutchinson (Random House) on +44 20 7840 8400 or visit

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