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Over six plenaries, 42 breakout sessions, workshops, networking experiences and small group sessions, the AVPN Global Conference 2022 provided a deep-dive into the cross-cutting thematic areas that represent the most pressing challenges in the region, including: Climate Action, Gender, Health & Nutrition and Economic Opportunities.

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The Asian decade

This was the billing of AVPN’s first face-to-face convening since 2019 and with the return of the conference has come a new purpose and of responsibility, articulated by Naina Batra in her opening address to the 1096 delegates (the number tells its own story of the engagement of Asian social investors of all stripes with AVPN). Andrew Milner reports here…

Readers’ poll winner

Unmasking the influence of climate trends on Asian philanthropy

Last week, AVPN hosted their 2022 Global Conference, and Alliance asked its readers what session they would like to hear about most in a poll. The winner was ‘Unmasking the influence of climate trends on Asian philanthropy’. Zibran Choudhury reports here…

Reflections from delegates

Winning Asia’s future, now

Covid-19, digitalisation, climate change… all these structural disruptions necessitate a new generation of talents as a force for good. This is a critical issue for Asia, home to over 4.5 billion people which also happens to be among the world’s fastest growing economies and most at-risk regions from climate change. AVPN Global Conference 2022 graciously connected us at Pijar Foundation with a diverse pool of changemakers on the same mission to close Asia’s talent gap and improve our planet’s sustainability. Cazadira Fediva Tamzil reports here…

Inspirational visit to the Annika Linden Centre at #AVPN2022

As people started arriving in Bali for the AVPN Global Conference, we were setting up for an inspirational open day at the Annika Linden Centre. The idea was to open the space for people to see first-hand the work being done on the ground by local disability organisations. Louisa Attard reports here…


Rockefeller Foundation’s Elizabeth Yee on Asia, leadership, and philanthropy

Rockefeller Foundation has deep and long-standing interests in Asia. Hence the presence of Elizabeth Yee, the foundation’s Executive Vice President, Program Strategy and Chief of Staff at the AVPN Conference in Bali. She talks here to Alliance about the new leadership platform for the region, about impact investing and about the urgent need for collaboration among social investors of all stripes. Read the interview here…

Pijar Foundation: Impact is more than a buzzword

Pijar Foundation is a non-profit organisation that advocates the acceleration of a future-fit landscape against the backdrop of a rapidly shifting world and Indonesia’s ambitious goals, including Net Zero Emissions 2060 and Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Based in Jakarta and Jogjakarta, Pijar recognizes that changes require a catalytic environment. The organisation therefore seeks to foster change from all angles, by shaping minds, markets, and policies. We spoke to Cazadira Fediva Tamzil and Ferro Ferizka at the AVPN Global Conference 2022 to discuss their reflections. Read the interview here…

Event replay

Learning from failure in philanthropy

It seems like a no-brainer. Learning from failure contributes to high-quality implementation, strategic innovation and improved governance and transparency. Yet despite the fact that all funders admit this, it’s a principle that often doesn’t translate into practice. Many foundations, their staff and their boards still find it difficult to have conversations about failure. In this event, we explored some examples of best practices in learning from failure, and how they can be adapted by other organisations. Annmarie McQueen reports here…

News from the conference

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The Asian decade

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