Philea Forum 2022: The time is now

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Alliance magazine is proud to have been a media partner at this year’s Philea Forum in Barcelona, Spain. We’d like to thank the following contributors:

Dea Vidović Kultura Nova Foundation, We Trust You(th), Silke Breimaier Robert Bosch Stiftung, Participatory Grantmakers Community, Truus Huisman IKEA Foundation, Antti Arjava Finnish Cultural Foundation, María Palomares Arenas Cabral Calala Women’s Fund, Jan Despiegelaere Community Foundation West Flanders, Anna Hirsch-Holland The Partnering Initiative

Read their blogs here…

Future, Europe, culture and solidarity

Philea Forum 2022 has explored our future from different perspectives, including those that are related to future from the lenses of culture.

Dea Vidović report here…

Our vision for European philanthropy in ten years

Photo: @DzikunuRichard

To mark Philea’s first annual forum we’d like to share We Trust You(th)’s and a few other young people’s visions for philanthropy in the next ten years… let’s see how our newly forming partnerships can help get us there!

We Trust You(th) reports here…

It’s good to see you. Let’s build our relationship

Photo: @AEF_fundaciones

It has been exciting to be back on the conference floor at the #PhileaForum2022 in Barcelona. After two pandemic years and the convergence of EFC and Dafne in between, I had been wondering prior to the conference: What would be the overarching issues discussed? How would the atmosphere be? Had anything changed compared to pre-Covid times?

Silke Breimaier reports here…

Poll winner: From the ground up

Photo: @Philea_eu

Last week, The Philea hosted their first Annual Conference, and Alliance asked its readers what session they would like to hear about most in a poll. The winner was ‘From healthy environment to healthy planet ‒ Building strategic alliances on food systems’ – take a look at our conference report below.

Zibran Choudhury reports here…

Interest in participatory grantmaking leads to… where?


Is your interest peaked in Participatory Grantmaking after attending Philea’s Forum? Here is a Dos and Don’ts roadmap for taking your next steps.

Participatory Grantmakers Community report here…

Time has come for philanthropy to act together for people and planet

Photo: @AEF_fundaciones

I still hear in conversations that philanthropy plays an important role as the grease that lubricates the wheels of society. During the Philea Forum this week, I was encouraged to see that many foundations can and want to do more. This has never been more important. The challenges facing our society and planet mean we must collaborate in ways we’ve never done before.

Truus Huisman reports here…

Let’s draw on evidence-based hope

Photo: @Philea_eu

In the wake of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, World Food Programme (WFP) was invited to this year’s Philea Forum to shape a session about climate action – and share some perspectives on how philanthropic organisations can help countries and communities transition from the reactive and repetitive management of climate disasters to a more strategic and forward-looking management of climate risks and scenarios.

Gernot Laganda reports here…

Philanthropy needs to reflect our societies

Photo: @AEF_fundaciones

The Barcelona Forum was again a wonderful occasion to meet so many friends and to hear so many new voices – under a new name and a new flag but with the same warm spirit as in the past. As always, it was impossible to attend even a fourth of all the sessions, unless you very impolitely rushed from one session to another after just 20 minutes. Thus, my impressions are partly based on similar experiences in previous EFC conferences since 2004.

Antti Arjava reports here…

Who is talking in our name?

This year, the annual gathering of European Foundations was so special. It was the first one by Philea after the convergence of EFC and DAFNE, the first one that felt as big as pre-pandemic events, and it was in my city of Barcelona.

Maria Palomares Arenas reports here…

The invisible (wo)man

Before I start, I’d like to warn the reader that, unless by mistake, I will not use any of the following terms; leadership, trust, innovation, change and – above all – think outside the box. Not that I dislike these terms or don’t accept what they represent, on the contrary. But two and a half days at the Philea Forum have confirmed and even reinforced all my prejudices that these terms can – as money – also be subject to inflation and should be used more carefully. Ergo, not in this humble attempt to a blog.

Jan Despiegelaere reports here…

Creativity is untapped when it comes to global problem solving

‘We’ve been tackling the same issues for years and years – for decades.’

That was a comment from Africa No Filter’s Moky Makura at Philea Forum 2022. She was speaking on a panel exploring what it takes to power up Africa’s landscape for social change, but the statement could have underpinned any number of sessions at this year’s conference in Barcelona, where the reality of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the enduring impacts of the pandemic, and the ticking clock for climate hung heavy over many of the discussions.

Elika Roohi reports here…

What I learned from philanthropy immersion at Philea Forum 2022

Photo: @FundacioFCB

As a relative newbie to the field of philanthropy, Philea Forum has been an opportunity to get to know this quite particular world more intimately – beyond the superficial facts that its people are very well dressed and its events involve excellent canapés. It’s helped me to understand better the unique role that philanthropy can play in aligning the limited (but also plentiful!) resources of the world to address its most complex problems. On the other hand, it’s also given me insights into some of the factors that are holding philanthropy back from achieving its full potential.

Anna Hirsch-Holland reports here…

News from the conference

Philea launches #WhenWeUnite philanthropy campaign

#WhenWeUnite, a campaign launched by the Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea) at its recent annual conference, will aim to promote the value of philanthropy in Europe and beyond. Read more…

Philea Forum 2023 in Croatia

Philea Forum 2023, will be hosted by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development – Croatia in Šibenik, from 22 – 24 May, 2023. Watch the trailer…

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