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The Philanthropy Workshop’s Global Summit explored the theme ‘Unlock Abundance: Bold Approaches for a Shared Future,’ with the aim of moving beyond discussion toward meaningful action. As a media partner, Alliance magazine was there to capture key discussions from the summit for our readers.

Through the theme ‘Unlock Abundance’,  The Global Summit explored opportunities to transform the world’s most important systems, as well as get practical about the role of the funders and social investors, and commit to actionable next steps. The summit brought together members, activists, leaders, and practitioners, all committed to collectively building a more equitable world.

Conference report

Forward, global and open

Charles Keidan, Alliance magazine

What would a group of multimillionaires think about ‘unlocking abundance’ – the theme of the conference – during a cost-of-living crisis for everyone but the one per cent? That question was on my mind as I joined around 200 philanthropists and philanthropy professionals at The Conduit in London’s Covent Garden earlier this month.

The Philanthropy Workshop – which serves a community of around 400 liberal and mostly western philanthropists through its offices in London New York and San Francisco – turned out to be thinking far more deeply about that question than some may have anticipated.

Read the full report.


Threading the needle as far as you can

Darren Walker and Monica Aleman, Ford Foundation

Charles Keidan catches up with Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation and Monica Aleman, its International Program Director, Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Justice at Canada House shortly before a panel appearance at The Philanthropy Workshop summit in London. They talk about power, perpetuity, the challenge of reconciling capitalism with the pursuit of justice – and about how you can get it right and sometimes, how you can get it wrong.

Read the full interview.

Panel snapshot

To achieve real impact, we have to act collectively

Annmarie McQueen, Alliance magazine

Moderated by Jess Tomlin, co-CEO of the Equality Fund, the panel featured Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation; Theo Sowa, Independent Philanthropy Advisor; Andrew Mitchell MP, Minister of State in the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office; and Sophie Gupta, Principal & Head of Responsible Investing at Yaletown Partners. Read more…


Reflections from speakers

Unlocking abundance through wealth stewardship

Steph Brobbey, Good Ancestor Movement.

Our economic system is failing humanity and infringing planetary boundaries’, according to Steph Brobbey, a former private wealth lawyer turned social justice advocate, and founder of the Good Ancestor Movement. She told participants at The Philanthropy Workshop global summit earlier this month what they could do to be part of the solution. Here’s an edited version of her speech. Read more..


Reflections from delegates

Reimagination needed to focus on roots of our crises

Jacqueline Geis, Videre

I work in the human rights sphere, and think often on how to present impact in a way that resonates and demonstrates the larger value of our work. I had many interesting conversations about impact at the Summit, most focused on how to move beyond anecdotal impact references to speak to larger systems change. Read more…


Not the TPW I knew!

Jim Fruchterman, TechMatters

On three weeks notice, I recently received an unexpected invitation to pitch The Philanthropy Workshop in London! I’m based in California’s Silicon Valley and have known TPW for many years as a local experiential learning program for high net worth individuals wanting to up their strategic philanthropy game. But, a pitch session for nonprofits like Big Bang philanthropy?  In London? This sounds like a different TPW. Read more…

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