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Caroline Hartnell

Caroline HartnellA new website

After ten years of publishing Alliance we have a huge archive of articles and interviews on a wide variety of themes from a wonderful set of contributors from all over the world. Many are as relevant now as they were when we published them.

We want to make all of our content as accessible as possible for our readers, which is why I am so very pleased to be able to announce the launch of our new redeveloped website. While keeping the clean, easy-to-read look of our old website, our new one is fully searchable and uses article categories to make finding the information you need easier.

As we launch, all issues from the beginning of 2004 are available to read online, and we plan to add the years from 1998 to 2003 to complete our archive very soon. All issues can be downloaded in PDF format, and we hope to add even more exciting features in the weeks and months ahead. I look forward to your feedback.

Alliance in Spanish …

We are also happy to be able to announce publication of the first issue of our new Spanish edition of Alliance. Published in partnership with the Uruguay-based Instituto de Comunicación y Desarrollo (ICD), this will be available free of charge, in electronic format, to all readers in Latin America – and of course by subscription to Spanish speakers in other countries.

… in Portuguese

Since December 2005, through a partnership with GIFE, the Brazilian grantmakers’ association, Alliance articles have been published regularly in Portuguese under the Alliance Brasil banner. We plan to add all these articles to the website in the next couple of months, which will provide a substantial archive immediately.

… and in other languages

We will also be able to add one-off translations of any article. We know articles have been translated into French, Arabic, Russian and many other languages. If you send us these translations, we will be able to add them to the website and make them available more widely. Wherever translations into languages other than English are available, you will be offered the option to switch language before you read.

Latin America Bulletin

Also as part of our partnership with ICD, we are launching a new monthly email bulletin on philanthropy and social investment in Latin America. This will be available free of charge to everyone who is interested. It will also be available in Spanish from ICD.

Finally, I must express our thanks to Avina Stiftung. Both the new Bulletin and the Spanish edition of Alliance – and indeed the redevelopment of our website – have been made possible by their generous support.

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