A world free from violence: let’s move

Monica Dennis, Priscilla Hung and Pamela Shifman

NoVo’s Move to End Violence ten-year history has instructive lessons for dismantling structures and narratives of oppression

In the past decade, we’ve seen an alarming increase in policies that undermine human rights, and a continuing rise in state violence, with a particularly devastating effect on girls and women. In the midst of this, we’ve witnessed powerful, thriving grassroots feminist movements working to dismantle oppressive forces and effect lasting social change.

At the NoVo Foundation, all of our work is rooted in ending systems of violence and exploitation, particularly gender-based violence. From the very beginning, we’ve prioritised uplifting the leadership of girls and women in their communities and Indigenous wisdom as a catalyst for global social change. The movements led by our partners in the US and the Global South have deeply informed our own core values, which include respect for lived experience, social justice, and radical hope, and continue to guide us in our learning.

Through the NoVo Foundation’s $80 million commitment to Move to End Violence (MEV), we’ve helped nurture a bold vision for those working to end violence against women and girls – including cis and trans women and gender non-conforming people – by supporting a robust network of change agents. The majority of MEV’s participants, called ‘Movement Makers’, are women of colour, Indigenous and LGBTQ leaders who work at the intersections of advancing gender justice.

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