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Based in US and founded in 1971, the Association for Research on Non profit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) is a forum for those interested in research on non-profit organizations, voluntary action, philanthropy and civil society, bringing together scholars and practitioners. Its main productions are a quarterly journal (Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly), a newsletter that comes out three times a year (ARNOVA News) and a series of occasional papers. It also hosts an annual conference.

International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR)
Founded in 1992, ISTR again caters for researchers and practitioners. It produces a journal (Voluntas, six editions a year) and a newsletter (ISTR News, quarterly). It also has five regional networks, three affinity groups and a biennial international conference. Its focus tends to be more on the NGO element of civil society – in organizations in receipt of funds, rather than those giving funds.

European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP)
ERNOP was founded in January 2008 to advance, coordinate and promote excellence in philanthropic research in Europe. It has around 175 members from 22 European countries and is an institutional member of the ISTR.

It has a quarterly newsletter (ERNOP Newsletter) and a biennial conference. Ongoing research includes a study on fundraising from philanthropy in European universities, funded by the European Commissionm and the EUFORI study to assess foundations’ support for research and innovation, again funded by the European Commission.

Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC)
Based at Cleveland State University in the US, NACC is an international membership association (though its membership is heavily concentrated in the US) comprised of academic centres or programmes at accredited colleges and universities that focus on the study of non-profit or non-governmental organizations, volunteerism, and/or philanthropy.

It also offers guidelines on model curricula for degrees in non-profit leadership, non-profit organization management, non-profit sector studies and philanthropy

International Research in Philanthropy Awards (IRPAs), Italy 
Four awards made by the Centro di Documentazione sulle Fondazioni (Torino), the Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Finanziarie (University of Torino) and Centro di Ricerche sulla Cooperazione e sul Non-profit (Catholic University of Milano). Their intent is to encourage research in the field of philanthropic foundations.

The Joseph and Matthew Payton Philanthropic Studies Library 
Based at Indiana University, it houses a major philanthropic studies collection that has expanded to reflect the growth of the university’s academic provision in philanthropy. It houses:

  • Philanthropy Resources Online (PRO), a digital library of primary and secondary sources supporting teaching and learning about philanthropy and the non-profit sector.
  • FOLIO (FOundation LIterature Online), a digital repository of foundation-sponsored research reports and publications covering the full scope of philanthropic activity. A project of the Foundation Center and the IUPUI University Library’s Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, FOLIO preserves and makes accessible material indexed in the Foundation Center’s PubHub.
  • Philanthropy E-archives, which links to a series of documents on other sites like the Foundation Center, Independent Sector, Association of Fundraising Professionals, etc.
  • Philanthropy Manuscript Collections includes the historical records of organizations and individuals that have worked as advocates for the non-profit sector, fundraising firms that help non-profit organizations raise money, foundations and individual philanthropists, and non-profit organizations that provide social services, particularly in central Indiana.

Rockefeller Archive Center
A repository of historic documents in a variety of media and a research centre dedicated to the study of philanthropy. In addition to the philanthropic works of the Rockefeller family, its holdings include materials from numerous other foundations and non-profit organizations. It is also a major repository for the personal papers of leaders of the philanthropic community, Nobel Prize laureates, and leading researchers in science and medicine.

The Royal Society
An institution in the UK whose purpose is to advance the study of science and its use for the benefit of humanity, the Royal Society houses the archive of the Wolfson Foundation.

A new blog edited by philanthropy scholars Benjamin Soskis, Maribel Morey and Stanley Katz. As its name suggests, it is particularly interested in the history of philanthropy and is designed to ‘bring together scholars, foundation leaders, and philanthropists in common dialogue on the past, present, and future of philanthropy.’

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