Resources and programmes on youth giving

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Resources mentioned in the article ‘How to learn to give’

Citzenship Foundation (2013) Growing up Giving: Submission to the Parliamentary Review of young people’s learning and habits relating to charitable giving London

Davis, S and Sole, A (2011) ‘Philanthropy’s Role in Developing Responsible Adults’,  Passages, vol 11.4, National Center for Family Philanthropy, Washington DC

Women’s Philanthropy Institute, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Indiana University, in Partnership with United Nations Foundation (2013) Women Give 2013: New research on charitable giving by girls and boys

Further resources
Blanchet-Cohen, N, Mack, E and Cook, M (2010) Changing the Landscape: Involving youth in social change – a guidebook International Institute for Child Rights and Development, Victoria

Inyathelo (2009) The Youth Philanthropy Action Guide Cape Town
(no online edition)

Kellogg Foundation (2009) Youth Philanthropy: A framework of best practice

Oates, B (2004) Unleashing Youth Potential: Understanding and growing youth participation in philanthropy and volunteerism Community Foundations of Canada, Ottawa

Wood Family Trust, Credit Suisse, York Consulting and Institute for Philanthropy (2012) Youth and Philanthropy Initiative: Summary of evaluation report

Programmes mentioned in the article

CHILDREN children’s council: (in German only)

Ecole de la Philanthropie:

Giving Nation:

Go Givers:

JUGEND HILFT!  (in German only)

Learning to Give:

Mercator Youth Project Fund: (both in German only)

Penny Harvest:

Solidary Action Day Movement (SAME):

Think Big: (in German only)

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative:

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative UK:

Youth as Grantmakers:

Youth Banks:

Youth in Philanthropy Canada:

Youth Scape:


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