Interview: Steven Serneels, chair of EVPA

There’s investing for impact and investing with impact. On the heels of the recently concluded EVPA annual conference, new chair Steven Serneels explains the distinction to Alliance and also outlines the Association’s convening role in bringing different forms of capital provider together in innovative responses to social problems.

Steven Serneels. Photo courtesy of EVPA.

Alliance magazine: The association has just got a new CEO and you’ve moved to the role of board chair. It seems that roles rotate quickly at EVPA. Is that deliberate policy or just how things have turned out? Steven Serneels: When I became CEO in mid-2018, I was already a board member, so it was a deliberate choice that we would shift gear and that I would put EVPA back on the rails and transition out once we had a clear and good successor. We hope to have Roberta with us for a number of years, so there is a long-term view to safeguard continuity.

What do you mean by ‘back on the rails’?

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