#EVPA20: Building Alliances for Impact

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Alliance magazine is proud to have been a media partner at this year’s EVPA Annual Conference. This year’s event was dedicated towards ‘Building Alliances for Impact’ and brought together practitioners from Europe and across the world to co-create content, and discuss the future of investing for impact.

Conference report

The magnifying glass

COVID-19 has acted as a magnifying glass, said EVPA board chair in his keynote speech opening the Association’s 16th annual conference. It has exposed the limits of our socio-economic systems. Even the Netherlands with its strong tradition of social welfare and its active intervention to manage the crisis, inequality is accelerating. Social investing is no longer an option, he said, it is a necessary response to events.

Andrew Milner reports here…

Readers’ poll winner

Leveraging connections and knowledge from Latin America: engaging investing for impact practices

Alliance asked our readers in a poll for the session you’d like to hear most about. The winner was ‘Leveraging Connections and Knowledge from Latin America: engaging investing for impact practices’

Andrew Milner reports here…

Reflections from delegates and speakers

What are the barriers for young people accessing the green economy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an increase in job loses for millions of young people globally and the absence of a safety nets or government palliatives in the global south has made this period difficult for so many young people.

Joshua Alade reports here…

Social innovators are driving the digital infrastructure for a more sustainable and inclusive future

At this year’s annual EVPA conference, the EIB Institute hosted a session, which I moderated, showcasing how social innovators are adapting their business models to the pandemic situation.

Filipe Santos reports here…

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Andrew Milner speaks to outgoing CEO Steven Serneels about his time at the EVPA. Subscribe today for more interviews like this, and for independent opinion, expert debate and trusted insight.

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