Social entrepreneurs bridge cultural gaps in response to some of the biggest socio-economic challenges


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Twenty social entrepreneurs, originating from diverse communities in Europe and North America, participated in the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship week at Windsor Castle to foster cross cultural cooperation as a response to issues such as migration, social and gender inequalities and community exclusion.

The fellowship aims to leverage the energy and knowledge of impact entrepreneurs, all originating from minorities, and carefully selected for their track record and commitment to empower under-served communities.

‘It was a real privilege meeting, addressing and chatting to the 2018 @adrfellowship Ariane de Rothschild Fellows as they toured London. Once again an amazing group of social entrepreneurs trying to mend the world through social business models…’, tweeted Alex Goldberg, Existing Fellow and CEO of the Carob Tree Project, on meeting the new cohort.

Initially built to foster Jewish/Muslim dialogue through impact entrepreneurship, the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship has evolved to adapt to today’s bigger societal challenges. This evolution is a direct response to the context of persisting tensions between communities, and an increasing anti-other sentiment in Europe and North America. The programme mixes courses such as ‘Fundraising strategies for social entrepreneurs’ and ‘The representation of minorities in the media.’

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